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John Deere Zero Turn Mowers - Mowing Industry's Best

John Deere Zero Turn mowers are the best in the mowing industry. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting one today, you are in the right place because this page will tell you how to buy a John Deere Zero Turn mower and what to expect.

What is a zero turn?

Zero turn is just a term coined by the John Deere company because they believe that us consumers would be able to turn the mower tractor so easily, that it almost feels like we're not putting effort into turning the mower, hence the term "zero turn".

(Example of John Deere Z720A zero turn mower explained in detail)

And yes, the John Deere Zero Turn mower is actually a tractor system where you can sit on it while you do your mowing.

Features of John Deere Zero Turn Mowers


Depending on models, it can go as fast as 7 to 9 mph, which is pretty fast. Engines can vary too.


You move and drive the mower forward by using your hands on the double "steering" bars. Push forward the steering bars whenever you want to move forward.


Remember the 2 "steering" bars? Simply bring them backwards to brake them. Simple.


Using the Z720A zero turn mower model in the video example, the left lever is for locking your mower. The right lever is for lowering and raising your deck. Both levers are situated at the bottom and can be accessed and manipulated using your both of your feet. Easy to reach.


Comfort is not forgotten for John Deere Zero Turn mowers as you have the arm rests at both sides. If you notice carefully, there is a hole in the middle of the seat. What is this for? In case it rains, fluid can escape into the hole and not bother you while you're mowing.

Fuel tanks

The capacity ranges from 2 to 4 gallons of fuel.

Benefits of John Deere Zero Turn Mowers


This is one of John Deere's lawn mowers advantage too. Despite making great cutting tractors, they also provide you with good prices.

Extremely durable

Given the body is made from pure multi-gauged iron steel, it is hard as a rock and cannot be damaged easily. Try throwing the zero turn mower off a building and you'll see its body will remain unaffected! That's how strong the material of the body is.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. You get 4 years of warranty when you buy the Z655 and Z645 models. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me. Are there warranties for other zero turn models? I'm sure there are, but don't expect them to be 4 years. This is because every model is different.

For Z225, Z245 and Z425, the warranty period is 2 years.

In short, the John Deere Zero Turn mowers are excellent to use and remain the best in the mowing industry. You can never go wrong with the residential zero turn mowers. Cut acres of grass like a pro today!